Sunday 4 April 2010

Welcome to our new home! Due to technical difficulties with the old site I had to create a new one. The original site will remain in place, but no further prompts will be added to it. Sorry for any inconvenince, let's hope that this one behaves itself!


  1. Hi Keith,

    Some strange things are happening here! I have added my link but it doesn't appear at all! And there was nowhere for comments.Now after several refreshes, Mr Linky has disappeared totally and the comment box has appeared!
    Thought you should know!

    Here is my link:


  2. Hey nice new look and love the new colors too. Love Carry On Tuesday thanks for doing this Keith I love it..
    Larry@"This Blog Of Mine"

  3. Back again! Now I have gone back, Mr Linky has appeared with my link! Very weird!

  4. Hi Keith,
    Thanks for informing me - I've been clicking on the old link all morning...
    New layout much easier on the eyes!

  5. Hi, I'm Changnoi son of the above... I'd like to join in when I can.