Saturday 15 January 2011

Carry On Tuesday # 88

Your Prompt for Tuesday January 18th

Our prompt this week part of the closing sentence of the 1950 film The Glass Menagerie

“And that is how I remember them.........”

Use part or all of it within your poem or prose then leave the url of your piece with Mister Linky.

A comment would also be appreciated!

To read the rest of the line and watch a scene from The Glass Menagerie go to Carry On Tuesday Plus


  1. Love the opportunity to consider "them" in so many ways!

  2. funny how you think of nothing, and then 'voila!'

  3. Great prompt indeed. Liked it immensely.

  4. Sorry to be late getting this posted.

    My inspiration went in an unexpected direction to produce "Three".

  5. This invites a retrospective poem.

  6. i so wanted to write on this one..but couldn't decide what to write...and then the clock there goes my post...everybody enjoy!