Friday 18 February 2011

Carry On tuesday # 93

It’s sink or swim for Carry On Tuesday this week. There was a time when around thirty folk joined in each week, but just recently our numbers have dwindled quite dramatically.
Coming up with a weekly sentence or phrase entails a lot of work – far more than that of the prompt sites that simply come up with nothing more than a single word. Carry On Tuesday Plus also consumes an enormous amount of time and often many hours of research.
I’ll see how it goes this week, but unless we get a far greater take-up than in recent weeks, I’ll be knocking on the head!
Your prompt for Tuesday February 22nd
This week, a line from Shakespeare’s best loved play, Romeo and Juliet
parting is such sweet sorrow
Use any part of it within your poem or prose then leave the url of your piece with Mister Linky. A comment would also be appreciated
To read these words in context, and hear them read visit Carry On Tuesday Plus


  1. O I so hope you don't let this meme go! It gives me a challenge on weekends! Now I am back at school after the summer holidays, work demands mean I can't post as frequently, but I try!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Since I've been struggling with writing, I haven't participated, but I hope you don't stop posting prompts, you have some good ones!

  3. I like this prompt. And I do try to post.

  4. i could do more, if that would make you reconsider :) the decision. Always happy to be here and get inspired.

  5. I took great license with this one. Hope you'll read these, too:

  6. Try adding a facebook fun page, that should help market the site and a twitter account. it would be sad to see such great platform go