Saturday 15 December 2012

Carry On Tuesday # 184

As I looked out of my window earlier today, I saw a beautiful rainbow. It gave me an idea for this week's prompt.

We have as our prompt the title and first line of a poem attributed to the oddly named Wishes for Sale.

If I could catch a rainbow

Use it as you wish at the start or within your gem. Leave your URL with Mister Linky as usual. All that remains then is to say 'hi' to your fellow writers and see what they've made of it!

Over at Carry On Tuesday Plus you can read the poem and if it takes your fancy, listen to Peggy Lee singing 'Sing a Rainbow'.


  1. Keith, could you somehow communicate to "Swapna" that I put a comment on his/her blog....and I know it went into his/her spam folder. I have this problem with some Word Press accounts, and there is no way I can communicate with that person to let them know. You can also just delete this comment as well after you read it....I also just read your India travelogue. Wow!

    1. It seems to have appeared now. Glad you enjoyed my South India post!