Saturday 13 April 2013

Carry On Tuesday # 201

This week we have as our prompt the title of one of Queen's biggest
 and most covered hits

The show must go on

Use it as you will within your poem or yarn, then hand your URL to Mister Linky. Please don't forget to visit your fellow scribe's sites.

To read the original lyrics and see/hear Queen performing their song, go to Carry On Tuesday Plus



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to post! This was fun!

  2. I'm so grateful to be able to participate!

  3. I love these prompts more than any others. but i don't like the fact that you have to link for me. wish we could figure it out. oh well, thanks again, Keith. Laurie, hibernationnow

  4. the [starlit] show must go on. as I hope these weekly prompts do.