Saturday 11 May 2013

Carry On Tuesday # 205

This week we turn to a song from the movie Moulin Rouge for inspiration

Come what may

Use it as you wish as part of your poem or story then hand your URL over to Mister Linky. Please do remember to visit your fellow contributor's sites to see what they made of it.

To hear the song and read the lyrics go to Carry On Tuesday Plus



  1. :D I am smiling so big with this prompt. One of my favorite songs from my favorite movie. I will accept this as my mothers day present. lol must think what to write!

  2. Lovely prompt.....................

  3. This took me to places I didn't know I'd go...

  4. Remarkable prompt. Cherished writing the poem. :)

  5. I got more than a bit carried away. A very, very, very long post like a short story over 1000 works -- yikes!