Saturday 18 February 2012

Carry On Tuesday # 145

In 1936 W.H. Auden wrote a short poem which was to become known as Funeral Blues. Some 70 years later it reduced millions of people, me included, to tears when it featured in the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral. Our prompt this week is its first line

Stop all the clocks

Use it at the start or within your piece, then leave your URL with Mister Linky. A comment would be appreciated.

I urge you to visit Carry On Tuesday Plus where you see the clip from the film and read this beautiful short poem 


  1. While I didn't follow the prompt strictly, I hope you'll understand - just over a year ago, I used Auden's poem for another prompt, and to pay homage to my brother who had just died ... seeing this prompt today, I couldn't resist bringing it out once again. Before my brother died, "Funeral Blues" was one of my favourite poems - since then, it has even more meaning for me ... thanks for the prompt Margo and for video clip - that's also one of my favs.

  2. Nice prompt Keith, managed to 'fit' it in with what I was trying to say today :)

  3. I sort of cheated. I wasn't really comfortable using such a well known first line so did a parallel poem, in spirit.