Saturday 14 July 2012

Carry On Tuesday # 164

I'm being a bit selfish this week! Last month my part of England was suffering a drought, and now we are facing floods! I preferred the drought on balance, so I'm hoping that with your help we may get the sunshine back!

This week I've chosen the first line of a nursery rhyme for our prompt.

Rain rain go away

Use it at the start or within your short story or poem then leave your URL with Mister Linky.
To discover the origin of this ancient rhyme pop over to Carry On Tuesday Plus


  1. Not the most cheerful thing I've ever written :)

  2. First time on this site for me. Looking forward to reading--thanks!

  3. One of my most favourtie topics to write about Keith. Sorry, you're being flooded with it though

  4. Not poetry, not prose, not poetrose or prosety, more of a polemic on what we have lost by trying to control, shape, harness, misuse Nature, and you don't fool Mother Nature, (;
    I won't even begin to explain how a child's nursery rhymn turned into a rant/discourse on pollution and the rise and fall of empires.

  5. Posted quickly -- no time to read right now, I'll be back. :)

  6. I went off on a tangent, but I guess that is okay.