Saturday 21 July 2012

Carry On Tuesday # 165

In a few days time the London Olympics will be getting under way, so right now I'm trying to get in the spirit of it. I may even get up from my computer and run around the block later!

Dean Karnazes is a best selling author and Ultramarathon runner. He is also king of the sporting quote!

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” 

Use as much or as little of the quote as you wish within your short story or poem, then leave your URL with with Mister Linky. Then in true sporting spirit, drop in on your fellow writers and cheer them on!

To a read a bit about Dean Karnazes and to see some more of his quotes go to


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  2. My first attempt at commenting got linked to a project that is still very much in the works. My fault for not realizing that chronicreativy was in the comment as box (not used to seeing it yet). I deleted it, and am trying again.
    This time, I stuck to prose or poetry (not rant) and produced an overly long piece that probably would count as book chapter.
    Thanks, Keith for doing this! It keeps me writing, and my brain working.

  3. Hi Keith... pheeeew that was a LONG prompt but, I managed to use it all :)
    Have a good week everyone.

  4. I tried my best with the prompt, a bit challenging it was :-)

  5. Hello! Great prompt...words we all need to remember. I focused on the last phrase.

    I'll be back later to read!

  6. I loved this prompt Keith. I think my work with it turned out well...

  7. wonderful prompt, Keith! i wish i could have worked in the entire quote!