Saturday 26 January 2013

Carry On Tuesday # 190

This week we have the title of one of Abba's songs as our prompt. It was one of their lesser known recordings until it was featured in the film Moulin Rouge sung somewhat endearingly by Pierce Brosnen.

When all is said and done

Use it as you will within your story or poem, then hand over your URL to Mister Linky . Don't forget to trot around your fellow contributors sites to see how they've used it.

To read the lyrics and listen to the original and the movie versions go to Carry On Tuesday Plus


  1. Thank you for this prompt. I enjoyed responding to it. :-)

  2. Another helping of brain food! Thank you!! :-)

  3. Great line...I'll give it a go.

    However...I think Pierce Brosnan sang it in...Mama Mia??

    1. Oh yes, just looked at your "Plus" have a link to Mama Mia there. :)

  4. When all is written and posted ... then all is said and done!
    Thanks for yet another intriguing, interesting prompt!

  5. I am very late...tried to leave a link here before...ok this time I think.