Saturday 23 February 2013

Carry On Tuesday # 194

This week I have taken the first two lines of a poem by Tupac Amaru Shakur, known also by his stage name 2Pac, for our prompt.

Sometimes when I'm alone
I cry

Use some or all of the words within your story or poem then hand your URL to Mister Linky. Be sure to visit your fellow writers and leave them a comment so they know you've been!

To read about this remarkable artist, read the poem and listen to a sung version, go to Carry On Tuesday Plus


  1. Excellent interesting to see where it goes with other bloggers

  2. uh oh, this time I''m lost twice Keith. thanks for your help Laurie F.

  3. Nice prompt keith! It fits in my poem!

  4. Vault of Dreams

    rise up
    clad in colors of a joyful life
    throw off the strife

    just as the figured eight
    rejects a narrow fate
    tilt against convention

    buck the winds of rebuff
    ignore the false contention

    stare down the face of ridicule
    avoid the vapid scornful fool
    disregard rebuke
    spurn condemnation

    shun the foolish blown off course
    by the ruinous brutish force
    of mindless conformation

    the prevailing norm
    is a toxic storm

    be not inclined to fear nor falter
    choose not to hear it
    nor let it alter
    the path of spirit
    stay your ground

    lean hard on raw conviction
    wait the weight of mind’s confliction
    it’s here your strength is found

    be anchored bold
    and firmly hold
    to what the heart deems genuine
    until patience spent
    returns again
    do not resent

    be flexible
    to withstand the blows
    resisting those
    who would see you swayed
    and lowly bent

    who would see
    your spirit broken
    a cruel tawdry token
    they might savor

    laugh instead
    raise up high your head
    don’t ever waver

    be ever strong
    be never rigid
    never brittle
    prone to break

    do not forsake
    your soulful song
    eschew the wayward
    noisy throng

    hearken wisdom’s subtle whisper
    be drawn the way of hope
    and wonder
    never consent to knuckle under
    to the whim of fools

    make rich your vault of dreams
    your trove of true enlightenment

    seek what inspires
    what makes you


    • • •

    rob kistner © 2012

  5. I've actually had a good day but I've expressed many others

  6. just in case there's still an issue with linking to wordpress blogs.
    Great, as always, prompt!

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  8. Here goes mine...