Saturday 26 May 2012

Carry On Tuesday # 157

Thank you so much everybody who contributed last week. It was our biggest response ever with  four times as many contributions as two weeks ago!

This week I've chosen the title and first line of one of The Beatles most memorable songs

The long and winding road...

Use some or all of these words in your story or poem and leave your URL with Mister Linky. Then visit your Carry On colleagues around the world and see what they made of it! 

To listen to this beautiful song and to read the lyrics, click on Carry On Tuesday Plus

Saturday 19 May 2012

Carry On Tuesday # 156

A week ago I thought I’d posted my last ever Carry On Tuesday prompt. Since then I have been besieged by messages asking me to reconsider, and the number of contributions soared to four times that of the previous week! If ever I thought Carry On Tuesday had fallen out of favour, I was clearly wrong.  So, it’s business as usual! I do however have one request; I know we all lead busy lives, but it would be great if each of us could take a little time out to click on our fellow writer's links. Thank you. Right, carry on...!

Our prompt this week is the last sentence of Margaret Mitchell's 1936 novel Gone with the Wind

After all, tomorrow is another day.

Use some or all of the words in your poem or short story, then leave your details with Mister Linky. Please click on other links to see how our friends have used the prompt

To read a few other memorable quotes from Gone with the Wind and to see a wonderful trailer for the movie version of the book, pop over to Carry On Tuesday Plus


Sunday 13 May 2012

Possibly the last ever Carry On Tuesday # 155 Saturday May 12th 2012

Carry On Tuesday will be three years old on Tuesday next, the 15th of May. However, in the last couple of months the number of participants has dwindled to an amount which no longer justifies the work which goes into producing our weekly prompts. Whilst other sites use only single words or pictures, here at Carry On I can spend several hours a week reading and researching before coming up with a suitable first line, title or quotation. Carry On Plus also takes a considerable amount of time to produce. So, this may be the last ever Carry On Tuesday prompt - I'll be deciding what to do before next weeks deadline. So watch this space!

This week I've chosen the English title of a well known Italian song, Con te Partiro better known as....


Use it at the start of or within your piece then hand your URL over to Mister Linky. A comment would be appreciated.

To see Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman singing this song, and to read an English translation click on Carry On Tuesday Plus

Saturday 5 May 2012

Carry On Tuesday # 154 Saturday May 5th 2012

This week I've chosen the first words sung by Bonnie Tyler on her hit record Total Eclipse of the Heart

Every now and then

Use these words at the start or within your prose or poem then leave your URL with Mister Linky. A comment would be appreciated.

To watch a video of Bonnie Tyler singing Total Eclipse and to read the Jim Steinman's lyrics click on Carry On Tuesday Plus