Tuesday 16 November 2010

Carry On Tuesday # 79

Your prompt for Tuesday November 16th

This week we have the first few words of The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

In my younger and more vulnerable years

Use all or part of it within your poem or prose, and then leave the url of your post with Mister Linky and a comment.

To read more about the book and catch a bit of the movie, visit Carry On Tuesday Plus


  1. The quote demanded introspection and so you've got it!

  2. The quote coaxed a bit of whimsy from my pen.

  3. That was entertaining. Slow week, it seems?

  4. Sorry, hit Post Comment to quickly. I meant to tell you how much I appreciated this prompt. It helped me put words to something I needed to get out.

  5. This is interesting.. My 1st time here and taking part in it.. Yep, just done and submitted mine.. Hope you guys will enjoy it.. See you guys around.. :)

  6. This is the shortest Carry on Tuesday poem I have ever written!

    Haiku on Tuesday.