Saturday 4 August 2012

Carry On Tuesday # 167

You may recall that a couple of months ago I very nearly closed down Carry On Tuesday. The resistance I received was overwhelming, and as a result Carry On carried on carrying on! Today I had decide whether or not to commit to Mister Linky for another year - his services do not unfortunately come free of charge! Anyway, I sent him some money and I'm relying on you, my fellow scribes, to ensure I haven't made a costly mistake! And so, the show goes on!  

Our prompt this week is the opening line of one of William Shakespeare's best known works...

All the world's a stage

Use these words where and how you will as part of your flash fiction or poem, then leave your URL with Lord Linky! Then visit your fellow writers stages to see what they are putting on this week!

In case you need reminding of the words to this this wonderful poem, it's there for you to read - out loud preferably - at Carry On Tuesday Plus 


  1. At year's end, I think your money will have been well spent!

  2. A good prompt and thank you for continuing with this.

  3. Loved this prompt Keith. Thank you :)

  4. sorry that my response to your excellent prompt is so pessimisstic -- reflection of my mood this morning.
    I'm sure you'll find it's money well spent on mr, linky!
    Thanks again for getting me thing!

    1. oops -- thinking not thing! not much sleep last night!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Great that you are carrying this on, thanks for that. Quite an interesting prompt.

  6. I love this quote! Shakespeare was quite right, we are all pawns sometimes. Thank you for carrying on :)

  7. Loved this prompt thankyou :) and quite a competition here I completed writing my post in the afternoon but had internet problems so couldn't post it then and now when I completed posting it already two more people had linked..Good to see that! :)

  8. I had been thinking of this line for a while, noodling it in my brain, so the prompt was perfect. Thank you so much, Keith.

  9. Liking it here... My first visit..x

  10. Dear Mr Keith Just completed a poem on the given prompt
    here's the link now-enjoyed writing it

  11. What Stage You On, Buddy? - a poem of sorts

    all the world's a stage

    all the world's in rage

    what reality, what world

    to which you refer?

    a little clarification might

    be in order

    but is there an order?

    the world spins in its

    own madness

    I dare you to laugh

    your tears are nothing

    the blackness of space

    has a gap-toothed grin

    you seize your moment upon the stage

    and indeed why not?

    no hook comes out to pull you off

    yet no audience

    neither applause nor hoots

    the show must go on

    but you don't know your lines

    someone at the side of the stage

    gestures frantically

    in pantomime panic

    but the words don't come

    the worlds don't come

    meanwhile this world busies itself

    with murder, pollution,

    strapping everything down,

    fencing everything off,

    the world laughs at its own cruelty

    it always had an unfortunate tendency

    that way

    the stage falls into disrepair

    best call someone in the morning

    a bard is given the boot -

    get an honest job, bum!

    the world mocks him, turns away

    what stage of development

    are you going through?

    all the world's a stage?

    you sure everyone's acting?

    I'm not

    bit if you have the answers

    I leave the stage to you

    the spotlights are on you

    have fun -

    if you can....

    (Greg Cameron, Poem/Improvisation, Oct., 2012, Surrey, B.C., Canada)