Saturday 30 June 2012

Carry On Tuesday # 162

Thanks to all of you who took up the challenge last week. I wondered what the response would be to  such a lengthy prompt but I needn't have worried! So, let's see what you make of this!

This week I've used as our prompt the title and ending of a poem by David Whalen

I listen to the silence .... as you do also

Use some or all of it in you short story or poem then hand your URL over to Mister Linky. Please try to visit as many of your fellow writers as possible. To read David Whalen's poem, plus an amusing Haiku and a second poem, pop over to Carry On Tuesday Plus. You'll be glad you did!


  1. Writing after a long time... feels so refreshing!!! thanks for the prompt

  2. Keith, I enjoyed this prompt. I will respond to everyone's blog who has posted before me. If anyone posts after me and would like a visit, please visit my blog and I will return the favor.

    1. Mary - that's a great way to do this! I've just posted and won't get around to reading until later...but I'll definitely be by! :) ~Paula

  3. Thanks for the prompt Keith. I enjoyed this one :)
    Ditto on Mary's comment too.

  4. I've really enjoyed visiting the other blogs today, lots to think about and stimulate creativity.

  5. Thank you for the prompt, Keith!!!

  6. I got here late this week, because I was able to write my own poems without prompting, but this was exactly what I needed today. Thank you for helping me write...

  7. oooooh! i love this prompt! thank you, Keith!

  8. got my creative side going. thanks for a great prompt, as always! 29 posts and it's only monday -- way to go!